Junior Kart

Junior Kart - Sodi Kart LR5.png

Junior Kart, 7 - 12 Years Old

Our juniors karts are designed and made by one of the leading go kart manufacturers in the world; Sodi Kart. With great looking graphics, slick lines and a rear facing exhaust, many eager adults want to drive these! However they are reserved for 7 - 12 year old drivers. The LR5 has loads of safety features, and lots of adjustment. The kart has perfect handling, whilst still being easy to drive, these karts are fantastic for the beginner whilst still being exciting to drive for more experience kids.

Chassis: Sodi Kart LR5
Tubing: 2 x 30mm 
Engine: GX160 Honda Power: 5.5 hp
Tyres: Mekaone
Top Speed: 55km/h
Brakes: Hydraulic

Ergonomics: Adjustable pedal box, adjustable steering column, adjustable seat.
Safety: Anti brake & accelerator system, remote control shutdown by De Haardt Electronics
Durable plastics linings protecting the wheels, exhaust, axle.