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About Us

MakoTrac Hire Kart circuit is a genuine race track!

It is 411m long and 7m wide with a fine asphalt surface.  The covered pit area shields the karts from the tropical sunlight.  Flood lights provide comprehensive illumination of at least 200 lux on every corner of the circuit.  

Makotrac Track

The visitor observation deck as well as the air conditioned Cafeteria overlooking the track are equipped with a monitor displaying lap times and track positions of all karts and drivers, providing spectators with continuous information.  A trackside BBQ House caters for 22 persons equipped with spotlights, sound system and Japanese-style Teppanyaki BBQ set situated right next to the 18 hole putter golf course.  The surrounding landscaped area offers numerous shady locations for picknickers. 

The AMB electronic time lapping system (up to 1/1000th second) delivers a precise print out of drivers, kart numbers, race position, best and average lap times, maximum and average speeds.  The system can compete an indefinite number of laps completed within a 24 hour period.  The steering wheel of 3 Star Extreme class upwards is fitted with an independent on board lap counter and timing device, enabling drivers to race against the clock.  The Hire Kart Circuit features a high degree of safety: difficult corners are marked with plastic safety barriers and orange cones.

A remote control system enables staff to shut down individual karts at any time in the interest of overallsafety.  All drivers are providedwith a helmet and protective hair net, those in the 3 Star class and upwards race lessons are also provided with gloves, overalls and an optional neckbrace.  Fully covered footwear is essential or can be hired.

Junior Driving Karts

A Go Kart Action Endurance Race is a special feature event.  Lasting from 1 – 3 hours, it provides maximum fun and entertainment racing a go-kart.  Competitors have a practice session, followed by a time trial to determine positions on the grid (standing start).  The race itself features stop and go penalties, pit stops, driver changes and refueling.  A minimum of 10 drivers (2 drivers per team) or a maximum of 30 competitors (3 drivers per team) may take part in an endurance event.

Other Entertainment Facilities at MakoTrac Go Kart Action

MakoTrac hopes to entertain the kart racer before, during and after activities on the track.
All racing activities can be viewed from a terraced spectator viewing area, seating up to 30 persons. For those requiring climatised seating, an air-conditioned Cafeteria features a race monitor and wide-screen TV. It provides non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea, snacks, ice creams and chocolates. A covered briefing bay provides customers with helmets, shoes,gloves, goggles and balaclava racing gear. A WC block also includes an infant changing table.

 Cafeteria Mini Golf