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Motorshow 2010 

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"Fantastic!" "Awesome!" "The best!"

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
"On- track action with car display is unbeatable." "Can't wait till next year's show!" "Very professionally run & organised." These are some of the comments I heard while manning the OZMPS Mazda stand at MotorShowACTION NQ last week end.

From a personal perspective I thought it was a big success. The combination of track events & car & bike displays set up a buzz effect & atmosphere that is rarely achieved at most other car shows .The variety of vehicles, bikes & karts meant that anybody's motoring interests were more than catered for on or off the track. For the first motorshow MakoTrac have ever produced I thought it was done very professionally. Yes of course there were issues, but I am sure the organisers of the show will address them for future shows.

The Mako Track at Mareeba proved to be an excellent venue for such an event.

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
I have however noticed some unfair & incorrect criticism of the organisers of the show in the Cairns Post, complaints about the price being too high. MotorShowACTION NQ were offering a 25% discount to ticket purchasers on line via TicketLink for 4 months before the show. Your criticism is invalid & you truly missed a brilliant weekend. I'm positive most of you would think nothing of spending the same amount of money on alcohol & cigarettes etc, Perhaps you are unaware of the enormous costs of staging the event. I am disappointed that more businesses in the region didn't get involved also.

From the members of OZMPSC .

Well done Horst & family! I look forward to the next MotorShowACTION NQ

Colin Thompson


Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
Endeavour Foundation

Hi Pedro - the group from Endeavour Foundation really enjoyed their day at the Motor Show. I had to go to Brisbane that week and am disappointed that I was not able to be there too - they haven't stopped talking about it and one of the other support workers was going to help them write a thank you note. If she did not get that done, - I thank you and your team - by all accounts it was a great day - We really appreciate your generous gesture to these guys who don't often get to participate in special events.

I hope it was successful enough that you will be planning another one in the future.

Kaye Robertson


Motorshow Action NQ

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
The Motorshow Action NQ was held last weekend at Makotrac and, overall, left the organizers very pleased with the result of their first show. Despite the low numbers of public, a little over 1000, the feedback we had from participants and the public was very positive, the atmosphere was very good and everybody were very pleased with the facilities. The price, which was on pre-sale with a 25% discount, was, according to most people, quite fair, considering the free jumping castles, all the different categories on the track, the entertainment, the lucky door prizes and the magazine that was given away to everybody coming in through the gates.

All the action on the track, which saw a different category starting every 30 minutes, had different lengths and had to allow for the safe transition from one to the other. Despite of this, we were able to extend the program and include a few extra numbers, like a few laps from the Peter Brock's replica Rally car, a few hot Rods burn outs, the new Jaguar which had a presentation few laps on the track with interview to the Trinity Jaguar representative, a few skill displays with go-karts and an extra sprint cars demo.

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
This was combined with excellent performances from the cunning Stunts, an incredible acrobatics demonstration from the Quad bikes, some doing wheelies on just one wheel, the Drag Race car which gave us a taste of noise and power, and all other races and demos.

At the end of the show most cars that were on display participated in a couple of laps around the track, as the final act.

On exhibition we had a total of 75 cars and 35 motorbikes, with a few more on Sunday. It was a bit shy of what we expected but still a good number.

In the end, despite the tough times the region is going through, which prevented us from getting the sponsorship and support initially planned, the low participation from businesses and car owners for the fact that it is the first year this show is done, we have come out with a new concept of motor show that has the potential to grow to be one of the best outside a major city.

We have already the promise for increased support from Shannons, who had a couple of representatives at the event, wanting to have a bigger involvement in the next Motorshow. Also a couple of dealer representatives have expressed their satisfaction for participating at the event, saying that it was well worth to be involved with the motor show.

As we always said, this was the first Motorshow Action NQ and definitely there will be many more to come. There are definitely some areas for improvement and with the experience from this first one, the next Motorshow Action NQ Show will be bigger, with more cars on display, with more and different Action on the track and more entertainment. It will still be a two day event with a more diverse program between them.

Pedro Martinho

Event Coordinator

Terrific - Congratulations

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery

I attended on Saturday und thought the day was terrific.The arrangements for spectating,food and pits access were great. Would like to have an event about every 15 to 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes and perhaps run the program both days.

Overall it was an event long overdue an bring-on 2011.

I an 64 and have been to motor show / events for the past of 50 years and the organisation of this event was as good as i have experienced.


Glen Condon Cairns 28.06.2010



Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
Congratulations on the success of the inaugural motor show at MakoTrac. This was the best motor show ever in the north which fully lived up to its name "Action".

The on-track action was full-on with bikes, race cars, street cars, drag cars, open wheelers, karts and prestige cars showing off their stuff at full throttle at this world class motor sport complex.

There was a diverse range of well presented vehicles in the static display area including the home-made wooden bike. The large variety of food stalls tempted the pallet throughout the show and the Dixie band complemented the off-track entertainment.

The in-air action was also entertaining and rounded out the best ever 2-day motor show the north has ever seen.

This event is a must for the north as it provided the platform to expose and promote motor sports as a safe family sport.

The 2010 event has laid the foundation for future must see Motorshow Action events.


Allan Sayers - Cairns Post - IT&T Manager - 15.08.2010


Hello Horst,

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
I felt I should write this encouragement to you & your family. The motor show was a NQ fantastic first effort , an extremely difficult event to organise & run with out the regions full support & they were trully the losers for not attending & getting involved.

Your vision & effort will not go unrewarded in the long term ,after reading the rewiew & comments people have made everybody involved can hold thier head high, at times sucsess can't be measured in monitary terms . Horst you can be very proud of your first MotorShowACTION NQ .


Peter - 18.08.2010


Comments by satisfied visitors

Image by: Graeme Bint - FOCUS Imagery
"The MakoTrac is a fantastic venue for such an event"

"Combining a motorshow with on track events is awesome"

"For a first time event this show has been organised extremely well , we will increase sponsorship for next years show"

"The facilities & food outlets were very good the toilets were the cleanest I have seen anywhere , I enjoyed the show & thought it was good value for money"

"We have a family of 5 so we took advantage of the online 25% discount our 2 girls loved the free jumping castles & face painting our 10 year old son loved watching the track events ,hubby thought he was in motoring utopia , I myself enjoyed the show & the fact that it was a alcohol free event meant we could bring our children"

"I am a member of the Ford club for some reason we were told not to get involved in this show , for the first one held it is a winner & I will be displaying my 2 Falcon GT's in next years show "

"Awesome can't wait till next years show"

"I have been involved in motorshows for the last 25years , they all start of with meager attendance but for a first effort it was far better run than mos "

"The venue gives the show a wonderful atmosphere especially with the race track & the action"

"I live in Ravenshoe I will tell everyone there what a fantastic show they missed"

Comments collected by Colin Thompson during the last 2 hours of the show.